Ensured Hardware Services to let you focus on the productivity of the business

You just need to make a call if you have to fix any computer related issue like installation, assembling, repairing, networking issues, IT infrastructure, and other major or minor issues.

Regardless of the location and size of the company, we can provide quick and high-grade support with a skilled team that is ready to resolve any hardware and networking related issues. At IQminds, we instantly respond after you call us and our professionals make every possible effort to troubleshoot the problem.

IQminds is a leading name in the field of Hardware and Networking and the professionals the company are genuinely trained to maintain your computer hardware. Besides the troubleshooting, our hardware engineers are responsible for supervising and monitoring the hardware and networking system of our customers.

IQminds covers a large area of hardware services to maintain your desktop computers, Tablets, Workstations, and other accessories.

IQminds Hardware services at a glance

IT Support Services:

The new age of digitalization has its own comforts but it brings some challenges as well. To achieve their goals, the organization needs a digital environment that is easily managed and for this purpose, they need a trusted IT support service provider. Flawless IT infrastructure and smooth automation of operational processes are needed for a successful business and this is the main point we consider while we provide excellent IT support services to the clients.
Our support services provide you new ideas for enhancing the tools and technologies to function effectively. These ideas motivate you to adopt new changes that are essential to make the things better.

Our main IT support services include:

  • Asset tracking and analytics
  • Annual version updates
  • Configuration archive
  • IT services integration
  • Technical account management
Storage Systems:

The data storage systems we provide are aiming to change the traditional ways of data storage and this feature makes us a unique name among all the data storage companies. Our data storage system combines storage tools, devices and all the other terms that make the data storage simpler and better.

Because of the importance of the data, various companies like to hire a data storage company that helps enhance the effectiveness of the storage systems. We provide a smooth storage system and high-quality storage facilities to meet the needs of our customers.

VPN Solutions:

Using our highly secured VPN services, you actually make sure you do not compromise your online security. Our VPN service provides you a secured network with the help of a solid encryption. IQminds is well-known for ultra-effective VPN services to provide network security with a reasonable price. Our services aim to protect your privacy.

Some of the main benefits of our VPN services include:

  • Secured identity
  • Encryption of all the online activities
  • Virus protection
  • Safe website browsing
  • Fastest speed
  • Website filtering
  • Reasonable price


System Services:

We know your IT systems must show a positive trend with enhanced productivity and this is what we are trying to do for our satisfied customers. We build a well-planned process in which we constantly monitor your IT systems to let you remain always at the top. Your server, networks, and databases are maintained following tight schedules to ensure the best possible security and performance of your IT systems.

Convincing features of our system services:

  • Well-trained experts in handling server, database, networks, and operating systems
  • 24 / 7 support
  • Years of experience
  • Effective Systems maintenance plans

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services:

With our Data recovery services, you can be assured a safe recovery of your valuable data. We do it with the help of trained recovery professionals who are specialized in the field and have years of experience in dealing with disasters.

The crash of the data may occur due to human error, virus attack, hardware error, accidental deletion or format and the professionals of IQminds are fully trained to recover the data regardless of the cause of the crash.

Our professionals can recover your confidential data from servers, databases, mobile/tablets / iPhones, Hard drives, and memory cards / USB drives.

Some other data recovery services of IQminds include:

  • Encrypted data recovery
  • File recovery
  • SSD recovery
  • Photo recovery
  • CCTV recovery
  • Tally data recovery
  • Flash recovery