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Law Firm Marketing Techniques in 2019 That Actually Grow Your Practice

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Law Firm Marketing Techniques in 2019 That Actually Grow Your Practice

Have you built a great reputation after several years of law practice? Whatever, you might be living in a myth that you don’t need law firm marketing at all and potential leads will come to you naturally. But has it so far? Ask yourself honestly! If not yet, then do you think that overnight magic will happen? If the opportunity hasn’t landed so far on your doors, it wouldn’t be wise to leave things to your fortune. Instead, you should grab your cookie right away by starting out with internet marketing for lawyers.

Google is the lead generation machine you should pay attention to. Most searches happen on Google, be it about the legal industry or anything else. So building your online presence is equally important as your physical presence.

If you haven’t had success in marketing your law firm so far, here’re some viable tips to re-write your success story. Let’s unfold those hidden tricks that will get you more clients in 2019:

  1. Invest not in Just SEO But in Good SEO Instead

Wondering what a good SEO is all about? Well, there’s a lot of difference in between an SEO and good SEO. It’s not about blindly submitting links on websites and expect Google rankings. It just doesn’t work that way in 2019. You need to build valuable links in your niche in a way that Google loves to credit you top rankings in return. If you think that search engine optimization is not your cup of tea, hiring a professional SEO expert would do the deal for you.

Here are some best practices for SEO that will help your law firm in gaining online visibility your competitors would be envy of:

  • Research keywords with sales intent
  • Create powerful backlinks in your niche
  • Craft SEO-Optimized and high-quality blogs
  • Hyperlink to authority sites in your niche
  • Include Alt-Text in every picture you use on your site
  • Use keywords in your content maintaining the density
  • Use Yoast plug-in for controlling SEO elements on each page

Additionally, you might use advanced tools to peep into your competitors’ search engine optimization strategies. Using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Majestic could be a real game-changer that would boost your SEO efforts.

  1. Create Subcategories for Each Service on the Navigation Menu

Most law firms offer a gamut of services. Clubbing these services on one page or into a single category on your website isn’t a good practice. Wondering why? Well, the visitors landing on your website look for specific services in their mind. If they don’t find that particular service page on your website’s navigation menu, they don’t take a second to close it there off.

Let’s show you with an example for a better understanding. For instance, if you offer family law services, obviously, you will also cater to divorce services, custody arrangements and so on. But here’s a need to understand that though these offerings are distinct still, these services fall under the one category, family law.

If you create subcategories in your menu under the family law mentioning these sub-offerings, your visitors will be able to locate them in microseconds. This is where you will win chances of getting visitor’s attention better than your competitors do. Also, creating landing pages for the specialized services will act as an icing on the cake.

  1. Craft Valuable Content to Spark Interest

Want to ramp up your efforts for law firm marketing? Just create valuable content and Google will bestow you with more leads than you can ask for. In fact, it’s not a secret anymore. You just have to figure out what your potential clients are desperately searching for. Develop content charmed by great infographics and you will create another buzz in the market. Your prospects will love to visit your website over and again. It would be the beginning of something great that will automate your lead generation for the years to come.

Interestingly, when people start showing interest in your content by the frequent visits, Google can’t underplay your website. Sooner or later, you will be an authority in your niche. That’s a prime place where you should be! The valuable content development could unleash that for you!

  1. Build Videos Your Prospects Would Love to Engage With

If a picture is worth a hundred words, a video is worth thousands of pictures. It not just helps in branding but could really sell your deal for top dollars – provided that it should be engaging enough! So apart from creating content in a traditional way, you should ramp up the game with video development.

Fortunately, not many law firms are into the video content generation. It gives you more room for expansion. Gaining the attention of prospects with humorous videos isn’t a rocket science. It just takes a little bit of brainstorming to spark an element of interest in your prospects.

Upload your video content on YouTube with relevant tags. Keep your fingers crossed until you get bestowed with thousands of likes and comments. Who knows if you will create another buzz in the law industry? It’s just a matter of trying and let the great results rolling over to you! Remember the internet marketing for lawyers is an uphill task if you perceive it to be!

  1. Step Up The Game By Publishing Reviews

Have you never bothered to ask for testimonials from your past clients? Unfortunately, you’re seriously missing out a thing! The client testimonials create an element of trust among the prospects visiting your website. So publishing them on your website’s homepage could work wonders for you. Outreach to your past clients for reviews and they won’t mind citing their great experience with you.

Those flashing stars next to your client reviews are the first thing your prospects notice about you. Offering your clients a chance to rate your service could click your fortune. Publish them on Google and start building a trust among your prospects who have their eyes on you whenever they see you on Google. Want to step up the game further? Then, ask your clients to review you on Yelp or other places where you think your prospects visit frequently to acquire more clients than you have ever got.

The Bottom Line

Now, you have the golden techniques with you for effective law firm marketing. Cashing out more leads in 2019 would be easier if you put these marketing strategies into the practice. It’s no fun in seeing your competitors acquiring the major chunk of leads while you still roam around with empty hands. Sooner you start getting conscious about your online presence, the better it is for your practice. If you still don’t understand how it will work, then let a professional digital marketing firm do it for you. So don’t spend time thinking and start performing actions to automate your lead generation process.

We are IQMinds, the law firm digital marketing company that could take your legal practice from zero to millions in profits. If you haven’t experienced it yet probably you haven’t tried us so far! With killer plans for internet marketing for lawyers, we create success stories for law firms. Be with us to see your practice growing by leaps and bounds. We are up for it, are you?

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