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Another feather in IQMinds’s cap is Dubudub. It is a website that serves to showcase all the sports and activities, indoors and outdoors on a singular platform. Everyone who wishes to avail any such sport or activity, this website is of great use. All you have to do is download look for services you are most interested in. This website is a great way to network with like minded people. You can find places nearby for practicing, professionals & trainers of respective games, and buy accessories or products for any sport or activity. Not just this, related news of sport or activity can easily be known through this website. ‘Dubudub’ vision was to encourage everyone in UAE to find the right places to enjoy ones favorite sport and get an easy access to connect with people of similar interests.


IQMinds Technology designed the website with great precision. When developing a Sports website design the first impact is the look. If the look is not attractive enough it takes a second for viewer to shift to another website. Thus it takes a lot of effort and understanding to know what is trending and what is likeable in a particular segment and what is not. IQMinds’s Sports website development team is a research oriented team.

When every second person wants to make their site more active and interesting IQMinds solution provides valuable inputs that serve profitable eventually. With large experience we have been able to establish a good market repertoire by offering smart solutions.


Every client needs are different. So was it while making website for Dubudub. Individual research as per client needs, Client opinions, knowing what was trending in the market, what would not work in the present scenario, what will eventually prove beneficial, innovative ideas that could create a revolutionary change in the present times? These are all the areas our Sports website developer considered while building a website for an online presence. A personalized and professional approach has helped many clients to achieve greater reach in the market with the guidance of IQMinds Technology.


IQMinds Technology has a specialized team that caters to Sports website development. So if you need to design and develop a Sports Website or a mobile application, IQMinds Technology is the right choice. Not because it has such clients that have done similar works, but because one can simply rely on them completely. The most important aspect of a big or small website is the convenience of use and quickly to gather information with ease. Our team of developers are adept in handling advanced feature to make your website valuable, reachable, attractive and much more.

Sports Website design & Development Solution

IQMinds has established a niche in sports segment. It promises high quality services with great professionalism while dealing with its clientele. Client opinion is the most important aspect while delivering services. It helps establish an undying relationship of trust and faith. IQMinds Technology take such minute details very seriously. Hence today IQMinds Technology is fast emerging into the most sought after Sports Website Design solution across UAE.