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MEMON Products protects you from Environmental stresses such as electromagnetic pollution, cell phone radiation and high frequencies.Protection against electromagnetic fields and radiation is necessary for our health, our families and employees health. Although we can not see electromagnetic fields, but they are there by evidence of the health issues they Cause….. What is the solution to protect ourselves and families from Electromagnetic fields and radiations ? … it is MEMON

It is a products that you can put on your hand, on your mobile phone battery, under your plate of food, inside your room, inside your car, on your water pipe, on your supply power cable.

Check out our products below and order what you need. We deliver it to your door step in UAE, Gulf Region, Middle East and North Africa.


NanoTech Products Pty Ltd has been established to bring modern science into everyday living by offering a wide range of Nanotechnology products for consumer or commercial use. In collaboration with our global technical partners we offer a wide range of nanotechnology products with protective properties specifically engineered for specific surfaces.

The Nanoman range of products have been engineered for use across a wide range of private, domestic and commercial applications. All our products are developed using nanoparticles and are specifically adapted for the different surfaces.

All our products offer great value to our customers. Every person that experiences our products first hand appreciates their qualities. With our products, tasks can be made easier, quicker and safer.