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Cloud-Based Project Management Software IQProject

Project Management Software indicates a set of an application program that is created to promote on-time project delivery and make it more effective. Adopting a project tracking software, you can set more practical breakthroughs and timelines, tie up and automate interdependent tasks, and manage all of your crew members to focus on your results to be delivered. The Project Management System Software generally provides optical ticklers such as resource & time tracking tools and Gantt Charts.

When operating any project, four significant elements must act together simultaneously:

Project Management Software - Scope


In essence, it relates to the project dimension, purpose, and specifications. It’s the association between the objectives to be achieved and the funds allotted to approach those objectives. If there are any adjustments done in the scope, it’s necessary to consider it with other segments as well, principally when the concern sticks to the budget, time, and resources.

project management software dubai


All jobs come with a specific cost which must be calculated and estimated. But, not all calculations are as precise as others; for the same cause, there is “contingency allowance” allotted if any job goes beyond the expected budget. Another significant factor is the gain or the sum of money that an organization wishes the project to gain.

Project Management Software UAE


It has 3 aspects: material, staff, and tools. Initially, it’s necessary to guarantee the appropriate number of staff is hired to a project, and they hold the proper mindset and experience to promote their allotted duties. Next, securing the conventional materials and tools, at the appropriate place on correct time, is essential for your crew to perform productively.

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When performing a project, proper management of time is a critical factor. Each assignment must be listed (others may protrude while others must be in sequential order), cataloged with a set period, and designated with the appropriate resources. Controlling critical paths (tasks with no flexibility or zero floats) is among the most challenging perspectives of this field.

Features of Project Management Software IQProject

easy to use management software in dubai UAE

Simple to Use

With an electronic spreadsheet interface, Smartsheet is simple to utilize. Import subsisting files from Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, and Trello, or adopt one of our pre-built templates.

multiple views Project Management

Multiple Views

Control projects the approach that operates for your crew. Use the grid to coordinate assignments; Gantt to produce timelines; card to online Kanban boards, and timetable to conceive due dates.

Project Management Software Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows

Automate monotonous project management actions and tasks with computerized permission and update requests, triggered based on preset controls and built without any code or assistance from IT.

management software tracking

Track Changes

Activity Log provides you one point to observe who surveyed project plans, dashboards, and report, what modifications were done, and when those actions took place. Filter by activity type and date range to detect what you're searching for.

collaborative Project Management System


Share your work with external or internal stakeholders and cooperate on complete project ideas or individual assignments. Assign items, supplement comments and set computerized reminders for periodic updates.

Project Management Software Scheduling


Effortlessly generate interactive deadlines with Gantt tables in Spreadsheets. Turn on the central track and combine milestones and dependencies to keep track of the status of all the projects against a timeline.

Project Management system Dashboard


Retain stakeholders acquainted with an at-a-glance look of the portfolio and project-level achievement metrics. The easy-to-configure, widget-based view produces significant data in real time to make satisfying judgments, quicker.

Mobile friendly project management solution


Smartsheet mobile apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad allow you to obtain information remotely from anywhere. Cooperate on project details, review and update status, make approvals, and add records while on the go.

Cloud-Based Project Management Software


Check project standing and cooperate on real-time work - no further emailing static updates and reports. Control remote units and access assignments from everywhere, on any machine.

file storage with Project Management Software UAE

File Storage

Begin context to project features by connecting files from your desktop, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and more, to produce one position for the documentation of projects.

Management Software With Detailed Reporting


Rotate tasks over sheets, design editable review reports of items getting due, at-risk, or not yet consigned. Share records with your unit, and catalog them to be electronically transmitted on a recurring basis.

project resource management software

Resource Management

Expand perceptibility into resource levels, with unit allocation specifications in real-time. Execute changes, define project tasks, and specify the role and user-level authorization to retain your projects rolling ahead.

Customized & Industry Specific Project Management Software In UAE

In this era of excessive modernization, it is not possible for an ideal person to manually look at all the task, duties, and responsibilities concerning the existing as well as upcoming projects. Every business needs some sort of application or software solution to digitally manage their projects in a practical approach to produce more productivity and profit. To satisfy your entire business needs we have a ready to deliver code, but it’s our private advice that it is better if you prefer the customized project management software system that is well versed with the distinct needs of your specific business.

Limitless customization, Infinite Possibilities

The needs of every project, team, and business are diverse. Yet some project management tools make you change and compromise the way you work on any project. With IQProject there are no borders to customization. Our highly customizable project management software turns it simple to build your own web-based application and software system using a visual editor, manageable menus, and an automatic app-building strategy that centralizes on point and click functionality.
With our project scheduling software you can handle your projects precisely in the same way in which you want and comprehend your business process altogether.

Create, customize and change on the fly

Build your solution to satisfy exact requirements—from task driven features that assist you in monitoring improvement to process-driven functionality that supports your unit in driving a project ahead. Our web based project management software enables you to uncover the best project management tools possible for your specific business needs.
When your process modifications, you can execute changes at any instant of time to coordinate how you work. Without the need of Coding and IT, you can update on a real-time basis.
What you can customize:

  • Appearance, compromising colors, images, and navigation.
  • Charts, dashboards, reports, and widgets
  • Email notifications, alerts, and reminders.
  • Roles, duties, responsibilities, and permissions

Are you Interested in Our Project Management Software (IQProject)?

Are you fed up of the manual management headaches of your projects and looking to automate the project management process, then IQProject could be a perfect choice. No matter, what is the size, nature, and specification of your business, IQProject is the one-stop solution for all the hurdles that small, medium, and large enterprises are facing while managing their projects and delivering them on time.

Fundamental functions of IQProject Management Software:
project-planning with Project Management Software

Project planning

To describe a project calendar, manager of the project may utilize the software to describe task interactions and outline project tasks visually.

task management software

Task management

Acknowledges for the creation and appointment of tasks, status reports, and timelines.

document sharing

Document sharing and combination

Productivity is enhanced through a central document depository obtained by project stakeholders.

error bug management feature

Error and Bug management

IQProject facilitates error and bug reporting, surveying, notifying and renewing for stakeholders.

Contact sharing and Calendar

Contact sharing and Calendar

Project deadline includes planned meetings, activity timeline and contacts that should autonomously update across all stakeholder and project manager calendars.

erp Software

Time tracking

Software system must have the capability to track time for all assignments, manage reports for third-party counselors.

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