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Facilitated College & School Management Software In UAE

The administration of a school or college is never an easy task in the modern age because of several manual activities related to students, employees, and parents. However, all the things can be run in a simplified manner with the help of our School Management Software IQBack2School.
Our IQBack2School includes almost all the factors that you may need in the process of managing your educational institute. Some of the main activities of our Smart School Management are admission management, Student management, exam management, fees, and financial activities, Teachers and staff management, Transport management, Timetable management, library management, hostel management, transport management etc.
Our School Management Software is made with the assistance of industry experts who have spent several years in academic activities. Therefore, our School administration tool help you manage your school smartly to reduce the workload of manual activities.
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All in One School Management Software In Dubai UAE With Remarkable Features

Advanced Features of our IQBack2School

Easy User Interface:

IQBack2School is very easy to learn and your staff will be familiar with all the modules very soon after you have started to use our software. You would not need any technical help and can manage all the activities of the school wisely.

Managing students:

Manage your students from the time of admission to the transfer certificate. It covers all the activities like ID card, examination reports, student behavior etc. Each and every detail of the students is managed very efficiently by IQBack2School, such as admission, exams, roll number, timetable, attendance, and all the personal details of the students

Multiuser options:

If you need our software for more than one department, we can provide a multiuser interface to let your staff work separately on different modules and on one will disturb each other.

Finance and accounting:

All of the finance and accounting activities are done aptly by using our finance and accounting module. You can manage inflow and outflow of the money related to various activities like salaries, fees, sales, purchase etc.

Compatibility with multiple boards:

No problem if your school is affiliated with the state or central board because our school management software is compatible with the central board and almost all the state boards.

Teachers and staff:

The administration of teachers and staff is also an essential factor in daily school activities. Our software has a separate HR module to meet all the needs of staff administration.

Examination management:

You may assess the performance of your students more productively and skillfully using our examination module that allows you to define and manage several exams, tests, and assignments.

Detailed reports:

With our school ERP solution, you are always updated with comprehensive reports. You can analyze these reports to make a proper decision for the future.
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Convincing Reasons to use IQBack2School

  • Smart school/college management
  • Hassle-free daily tasks
  • Feature-rich modules
  • Comprehensive reports
  • User-friendly interface
  • Safe and secure Institution data
  • Developed for multiple screen resolutions
  • Customized school/college management solution
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 24 / 7 hours support

Are you Interested?

Our team has made the best efforts to make ideal school management software for academic institutions. Moreover, we are ready to customize the solution according to the personal requirements of the schools. The professionals and experts of IQminds are ready to hear from you to be familiar with your requirements and would provide proper guidance for your queries. It is easy to call us or sending a message if you are interested in the deal.
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