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  • Search engine optimized websites
  • Powerful home page & Responsive websites
  • Unique, and creative designs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Industry specific development
  • Attractive and well-organized web pages
  • Redesigning existing websites
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We’re here to stay

We understand well that you can need us anytime to update your website, so we never disappear from the scene and are always available for our clients whenever they need us.

We make quick updates when you need us.

You can contact us anytime to make changes to your website, and we will get it done sooner than you believe.

We can do weekend updates

Are you worried of getting your website updated on Friday? Don’t worry we will do it, although we would prefer working on the weekdays but aren’t unavailable on weekends.

We’re local (to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi)

We have both long distance and local clients, and have met 95% of our clients at some point of time during the process. We feel that sitting down with our clients can help us work in a better way.

Our Recent Website Design Projects

Our interactive websites are made with an attractive user interface for a great customer experience.

Virginia Institute of Finance


Shagun Online Fashion


Atarah Treasures


New Jersey


Papermaster Fzc


Blue Lagoonse





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Our Designs impress the Audience Effortlessly

Website Design:

Fresh content, creative design, communicative graphics, and easy navigation are some of the main features that make a website ideal for the customers to visit multiple times. When your customers visit the website designed by our team, he must have a greater experience and a clear idea about your brand value.

Content writing:

Our content writers can create fresh content that is written with a serious consideration of the platform for which the content is being written. For example, the same content is not used for your website and your brochure.

Logo Design:

A Logo seems as a simple design that is present everywhere like on your website, your letterhead, and the company brochure. However, our views on this subject are quite different and we treat a Logo as an essential and crucial tool to express your business. Our designers deeply study your business and industry to design a unique Logo that is made exclusively for you

Multimedia Presentations

Moving images create a long-lasting effect on the audience that is in search of valuable information about your business. Videos and animations are integrally connected to the efforts you made for marketing your product. Thus, IQminds has a team of professionals with a considerable experience of multimedia designing.

Print Ads:

If you hire our Advertising professionals, they design the print Ads according to the area to be covered, your target audience, and your pre-defined goals.

Brochures & Catalogs

Your marketing material plays a crucial role in establishing a brand identity. We know this fact and with our designers, we create a combination of colors, graphics, and content

Business Cards:

Our designers have a great expertise in creating impressive designs for your business cards and every business card designed by us is made to serve a specific business only once. We do not repeat our designs.

Product Packaging:

Our designers are ready to assist you in your product packaging activities by creating the content and designs that help you market, promote, or display your product impressively.


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Key features of IQMinds team

Ecommerce Website Development - Team Work

We are highly motivated and devoted

Capable of working on different website Development platforms.

Ecommerce Website Design - On Time

Timely project delivery is our prime duty

We believe in building relationship


We promise to assist you to reach your goals

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