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Expo 2020 Dubai Presents an Extraordinary Opportunity For Many Businesses

Why Expo 2020 Dubai?

Expo 2020 is expected to open on 20th October 2020. Expo 2020 will provide an amazing experience to the people worldwide & will create many business opportunities for the businesses in the UAE. It will connect millions of people from different corners of the world for around six months. The recent reports suggest Expo 2020 will attract around 25 million visitors, providing a great opportunity for different countries companies and organizations worldwide.

Many businesses are already looking forward to take the advantage of opportunities Expo 2020 will provide.

» Wider reach to the audience

» Collaboration opportunities

» Chance to access modern and emerging markets

» Show progress, new strategies, and innovation

» Earn & share revenue of around AED350 billion


Most of the marketers & business understand the opportunities Expo2020 Dubai going to give to their business. However, not all have sufficient time and resources or struggling to make a perfect localized marketing strategy to take the advantage of opportunities that Expo 2020 will going to presents for businesses & marketers.


IQminds is an digital marketing agency in Dubai UAE that can help you take advantage of Expo2020 Dubai in multiple ways.

Discovering the best Route: 

We offer the best and proven marketing solutions that can help you discover the right marketing and communication route for Expo 2020 Dubai.

Recognize the requirements of your local audience: 

We discover your target audience within a region and make the best marketing techniques to boost your brand’s image and business growth.

Recognize business culture in the Middle East:

We feature an experienced team of dedicated professionals who can help you understand the business culture and the ways of achieving success in the middle east.

Discover the latest opportunities:

Our thorough insights are so powerful that they help you discover and use the top business opportunities. You can make the most of this opportunity by using our network of contacts.

With latest news & insights our team of marketing experts who understand the local & international markets very well, IQminds help you to make the best marketing and communication strategy before, during, and beyond Expo 2020 Dubai to ensure overall business growth with long-term partnerships.

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