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IQMinds Payment Gateway Solutions Consultant

Choosing the right Payment Gateway is important for every eCommerce sites as it helps you to facilitate online transactions by securely take the money from customers and send it to your bank account. IQminds is here to help you choose the best payment gateway solutions for your business.

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Why Choosing the Right Payment Gateway is Important?

A payment gateway helps to process online transactions between sellers and customers hassle free. The software encrypts the confidential information of the customer credit card details and provides a safe platform for online transactions without the right payment gateway, your customers won’t be able to pay for the product & services online. Every website needs to pick the right online payment gateway solutions to provide an easy & secure customer experience. Here are some parameters that every business need to consider while choosing a payment gateway. Security/Fraud, Payment Types, Internationally acceptable, customer experience, Hosting/On-form Payments, Fees, Pay-out Policy, Customer support.

How IQminds Can Help You To Choose The Best Payment Gateway Solution?

Get consultant for best payment gateway for startups & big businesses

Being a reputable IT Company with more than 15 years of experience that is especially known for helping individuals design their eCommerce website. We know how to find the best solutions for eCommerce sites from developing a high-quality eCommerce platform to recommending the best payment gateway solution to the owners, IQMinds is your one-stop platform for all the eCommerce site requirements.


IQminds has worked with the financial Institutions & commercial banks of Dubai for years, and thus, possess sufficient knowledge of how payment gateway works & which payment gateway is best to suit your requirements. We have worked with some renowned payment gateways and have a sound knowledge of which one can cater to the requirement of the site owners. Whether you are looking for the best payment gateway for startups or big brands you can count on IQMinds for providing you with the best payment gateway solutions.

Some of the common gateways we have worked with are Paycaps, CC Avenue, PayPal, and the list goes on.

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Why IQminds For Payment Gateway Consultant?

15+ years experience as an eCommerce developer

IQMinds has more than 15+ years of experience as an eCommerce developer & provided professional assistance to the eCommerce websites by helping them choose from a wide range of payment gateway solutions. The company has worked with commercial banks of Dubai and possesses all the skills it takes to integrate the payment gateway to an eCommerce platform.

We have not only developed a plethora of eCommerce platforms for clients but the professional Payment gateway consultants of the company have provided quality assistance sites in selecting the right payment gateway solution.

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Prime consultancy for Payment Gateway Solution

  • Searching for the right payment gateway solutions
  • Checking the web host plan of the eCommerce website
  • Checking the fees and subscription details
  • Choosing between direct or external payment gateway
  • Registering for the merchants account
  • Choosing a plan and signing up for the payment gateway software
  • Establishing your web shop
  • Integrating the chosen payment gateway solution
  • Testing the gateway to ensure that it is working properly


Choose the Best Payment Gateway Solution For Your Company

The process of signing up for a payment gateway isn’t that easy how it seems. Only professional payment gateway consultants such as IQMinds can help you with the process & picking the right payment gateway solution to your eCommerce site.
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