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Email Marketing Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE

Email marketing lets you reach your target audience at a low cost. Therefore, Email marketing is used as a great tool by today's online marketers. Email marketing is not about sending just an email but it aims to attract more and more customers and to keep the existing customers interested and active.

Email Marketing Company Dubai

IQminds is ready to run a powerful marketing campaign for you

Most of the people use the internet to be informed about their desired products or services. With the help of an effective marketing campaign, you can attract such potential customers by catchy and communicative emails to impress as well as attract them. At IQminds, our professional online marketers can change your marketing styles by bringing some fresh Email marketing ideas to your tool-kit.

Email Marketing features

We make your customers wait for your next email

What you send in an email or how you design it, is an important part of your Email marketing campaign. All the internet users are busy in doing different works and moreover, their inboxes are always full of Emails. It means, they hardly have time to read all the emails they get. We make sure to design your emails in such a way that compels the users to read and respond to the emails. Additionally, we try that they find the information interesting and don’t avoid your next emails.

Notable features of Email marketing

  • Encourage your customer to be active
  • Increase repeat visits and business
  • Convince your potential customers that you are a trusted source of information
  • Track the results of your Email marketing campaign
  • Target the people who are genuinely interested in your business by providing them an unsubscribe option
  • Use Email marketing as a cheaper option compared to other ways of online marketing
  • Perfectly designed emails in terms of layout, images, graphics, or content
  • Exceptional content writing for your emails
email marketing company dubai

Why IQminds?

You just tell us your industry and we have a plan for you

IQminds Explores all the possibilities of Email marketing

Email marketing is growing as a trusted online marketing strategy and the scope of this technique is growing every day. Therefore, our online marketing team is providing high-rate Email marketing services to our clients. The process we work on includes designing impressive emails, sending the emails to the target audience, tracking the responses, and making further plans based on the responses.

Email Marketing Company Dubai
Email Marketing Services Dubai

Prime component of IQminds Email Marketing Services

  • Email Marketing design To Do list
  • Email designs
  • Follow up Email design
  • Email template design
  • Automated email design and development
  • Mobile / Smartphone /
    Tablet app development
  • Email Marketing result tracking
  • Communication enhancement
  • Landing page design
  • Scheduling
  • A/B testing

Improve the communication and build harmonious relationship with the customers

With a team of online marketers, designers, content writers, and project managers, we are confident enough to boost your business by applying the principles of Email marketing. The process of Email marketing starts from designing creative emails and ends in a better communication with your existing or potential customers.

Key features of IQminds Email Marketing team

Professional marketers

Creative and imagination designers

Experienced content writers

Better communication with the clients

Execution of the campaign, according to your industry and business


Send the emails to get an instant response

Hiring our designers is always profitable since we are very fast to show you positive results. However, we cannot judge the mood of customers but we can influence or impress them to have favorable decisions.
Let us impress them!

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