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ERP Software System to Automate your Organizational Structure and Functionalities

An Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a computerized program that is specifically designed with the mission to manage a broad range of industrial business processes. It can be integrated into an organization’s manufacturing, supply chain, financial, reporting, operational, and human resource management activities to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

A perfect business management solution to automate all your organizational operations and proceedings in a direction to make them competent of delivering perfection.

IQERP allows the users to review, update and select the suitable tax type for each acquisition and purchase transaction. Efficiently operate and control all your periodic audit operation with our ERP software for small, medium size as well large enterprises.

The Benefits that makes ERP Software Crucial for Your Business

Whether you are running a small size business or the large enterprise, cloud-based ERP software could be a turning point in extending your business growth multiple times by increasing the leads. A broad range of benefits can be accessed when an Enterprise Resource Planning Software can be utilized in the well planned and structured approach for managing an organization. The list of benefits that ERP business management software offers can be checked below:

erp software scalability


It is easy to scale an ERP system. That implies combining new functionalities and features to the system as the market needs switch is easy. This could mean smooth supervision of new departments, processes, and much more.

Enhanced Reporting with erp software dubai

Enhanced Reporting

Inappropriate reporting is the primary cause that results in incompetence in operational work. Proper integration of the ERP system saves us from such situation as reporting obeys a computerized processing system, enabling multiple functions to obtain data smoothly.

Lower Cost Of Operations

An ERP system offers significant reforms in operating resources, which excludes setbacks and thus diminishes the operational expense. For example, the use of versatility enables the collection of data on a real-time basis, which is requisite to dropping prices.

erp software dubai

Data quality

As associated with hand-operated management of record or other conventional strategies, an ERP system advances data quality by correcting the underlying methods. As a conclusion, optimized business determinations can be achieved.

Administrative Compliance best erp software in uae

Administrative Compliance

Possessing the operation in command indicates businesses can adequately comply with guidelines. Moreover, the most significant and recurring official obligations can be mounted right into the system.

erp solutions dubai

Enhanced Data Access

Efficiently managing data access is always a hurdle in corporations. With our highly advanced ERP software, this difficulty can be surmounted with the aid of superior user supervision and access authority.

Modules of ERP Software that can Boost your Business Efficiency

Financial Management

Brings the smoothness in the management of your fund's inflow and outflow. It comprises conventional Accounting & Finance transactions like general ledger, expenditures, balance sheet, tax management, bank reconciliation, and returns. It also assists in formulating financial statements for various business units and departments.

Customer Relationship Management

The perfectly structured CRM module enables you in boosting client assistance and, ultimately, it improves profit per capita. It automates the management of timeliness, leads, and queries regarding client matters. In an ERP integration, CRM is intimately united with Sales module to speed up the conversions.

Human Resource Management

It is provided with a broad range of inbuilt of HRMS tools such as automated timesheet, time tracker, and employee record database, skills matrix, and job profiles. This can also be used for managing the payroll system and employee performance reviews. Perfect integration of financial management module with the HRM system helps in managing travel expenses, wages, and compensations.


An ideal material management assists in estimating standardize replenishment, stock targets, and additional inventory purposes. It utilizes the serial number of merchandises to locate and trace items in the company.

Marketing and Sales Management

It keeps you connected with the real-time updates about the sales workflows including quotations, enquires, sales procedures, and invoices. Using the advanced features our ERP software; one can also get the benefits of shipping tracker and taxation rules. The combined integration of CRM and Sales modules speed up the revenue of the company by advancing the sales cycle and improved conversion rate.


Designing and production is the major component of this phase. It assists the enterprises with the perfect solutions to turn out the manufacturing phase extra productive and efficient while planning a product, sourcing of materials, production supervision and forecasting on a daily basis. Material Billing, Shop Floor Control, Master Production Schedule, and Sales & Distribution Plan are the fundamental roles of the phase.


It helps in the management of methods included in materials appropriation — these incorporate price inquiries, supplier listings; and review; acquisition orders; and stock updates, and Goods Receipt Notes.

Supply Chain Management

The management of the purchase orders is the primary role of an SCM system. It controls product flow from product creation to its final delivery and, infrequently, vice-versa for recalls and returns. Process automation is the central feature that streamlines entire your supply chain and turns it adaptive to instant market variations.

Time And Expense Tracking

It allows you to instantly manage your expanse against existing and forthcoming projects that are about to be operated in the company. It does not reduce your expenses; it enables you to restrict them in practice to help to manage your overhead expenditures by diminishing unnecessary processes that ultimately helps in saving time and money.

Industry Specific ERP Software Customization Services & Solution

IQERP is a business ERP software solution to manage your enterprise resources planning that can completely automate the broad range of operations by eliminating the need of manually filling up the spreadsheets.

Since the very first day from where we started our journey, we have catered hundreds of global clients with our cloud-based ERP system software and assisted them in making their business operations extremely smooth, bug-free, highly automated, and completely standardized as per the business policy.
We possess ready-made ERP software solution for the business that can’t wait until the completion of the development phase. We have a vast team of specialists that analyze the specific business need of clients and make them available with the fully customized ERP solution to perfectly fit with their organizational requirements.

Are you interested in Our ERP Software UAE (IQERP)

We appreciate your selection if you are here with interest in our office management software ERP. We don’t just claim to deliver perfection; we have proved it by satisfying the diverse business needs of our past clients. Our services are dedicated to making the clients available with superior business solutions with an assurance to produce extra stable, efficient, productive, and measurable results. The best thing about our business ERP software solution is its code transparency and independence. That means the code is written with a specific focus to eliminating the dependency. Since we offer you lifetime support but in case you want to make updates at your end as per your future business needs. Then you will be capable of doing it with ease as we don’t keep any dependency and hence made the code completely transparent.

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