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A Feature-Pack Hotel Management Software (IQHMS)

IQHMS is a perfect software that a Hospitality industry can utilize at hotels, restaurants, resorts, inns, lodges, military guest houses, hostel, ranch, apartments, suits, medical centers, breakfast, and bed operations.
It can be used to accomplish significant financial and organizational activities and tasks by resorts, hotels, motels, condos, RV parks, and others. These roles encompass reservations, property, and resources control, client relationship administration, employee scheduling, and accounting.
Hotels look to enhance their performance and productivity, and for this, they came across to integrate a hotel management software into their business operation. Our feature-rich hotel management software (IQHMS) system will turn an administration headache free for you by enhancing the customer experience you offer, making them available with the perfect duties you perform and hence helps you to maximize your earnings.

Benefits Of Restaurant Or Hotel Management Software For Hospitality Industry In UAE

restaurant pos system dubai

Better revenue management:

Choosing perfectly suited revenue management software for hotel keeps you away from the revenue management headaches. It has an inbuilt pricing tool that makes it easy to manage and create adjustable room pricing approach, and it is the perfect ways using which you can maximize the generated revenue.

Hotel Management Software - Quick-Administrative

Quick Administrative:

It eliminates the need for spending much time on managing administrative tasks, as it has an inbuilt tool that automates everything. After getting relief from the management headaches, you can target your efforts and energy on a bigger picture to discover the ways to expand your business. The software system is a valuable hotel management asset that can smoothen your daily operations, tasks, and duties.

Hotel Management Software - Builds a relationship with guests

Builds a relationship with guests:

This is the perfect way where the guests can share their experience with the hotel by posting their reviews. The hotel management system software opens up the doors of new opportunities of grabbing targeted audiences and entering into the new area of possibilities to collect leads.

Hotel Restaurants Management Software - Increased Bookings

Increased Bookings:

The online hotel booking management software will surely provide the wings to your booking rates and eliminates the need of personally managing the guests visited. It extends your business reach and makes you connected with your targeted users who are genuinely interested in boosting their hotel booking system extraordinarily.

Hotel Management Software - Control Configuration

Control Configuration:

The integrated channel manager can help you expand your business digital reach and hence allows you to promote and advertise your hotel across a broader range of available channels with complete control over rate parity. Whether it is large GDSs, OTAs or independent retailer, real-time booking details are visible to all, and drastically it helps in hiking the booking rate.

Hotel Management Software Simplified-Operations

Simplified Operations:

Our hotel management software will help you eliminate the need for manual recordkeeping by automating and digitalizing all your management and administrative tasks on a real-time basis. Eventually, this will help you save both time and money.

Modules Included In Hotel Management Software Dubai UAE

Inventory Management Software UAE

Point of Sale

POS system gives us to maintain room services, swimming, restaurant, spa, and bars. It renders billing amenities within a chain of resources. They also provide the facility of Windows app, iOS app, android app, and kiosk app to the restaurants.

ERP Software - CRS

Central reservation system (CRS)

This module gives the power to command a group of hotels by booking them using a private dashboard. CRS is a tool utilized to communicate the global allocation system and can interact with a broad range of booking arrangements.

Hotel Management Software - Front Desk Management

Front Desk Management

Hotel-line solution renders sound front desk management services to have a look at a broad range of duties such as guest advanced booking facilities, check-in, guest check-out with extra bed and child policies. This module manages different rates for a diverse group of guest, packages synchronization as well as individual corporate rates.

ERP Software Channel-management

Channel management

The process is managed by integrating GDS and OTA with channel manager. It categorizes hotel room inventory status to diverge range of digitalized systems like Amadeus, MMT, Expedia, World Res, Travelocity, CMM Traveler, and various extra sites.

Hotel Management Software - Accounts Payable and Receivable

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Accounting software implementation allows the hotels to handle the financial transactions in property, apprehends all processes within the display report and properties.

Management Software - Material Management

Material Management

This module implies to regulate the warehouse and activities hotel related material. It also helps in managing quality and the replacement system of the damaged or spare parts. The objective behind this module is to satisfy the constant supply of the stock without any failure and cost management at the same time.

ERP Software Employee-Management

Employee Management

The module user management system controls users; it has authority over the entire staff. It outlines access and roles of staff and limits from unapproved access and functions. This module also handles the shift roster of the team at work.

ERP Management Software - Housekeeping


The module encourages managing cleanliness, sanitation, the freshness of the entire hotel including room, toilet, linen, floors, department, block, etc. Additionally, it leads the laundry system of the hotel.

Management Software Back office Work

Back Office Work

You need not to spend specific time managing all your back-office tasks. IQHMS is designed specifically after keeping in mind to eliminate the needs of looking for back-office administration. This frees up your mind from management headaches, and at the same time, you will be able to spend your time in innovating the ways to extend your hotel business.

Why Should you choose our Hotel Management Software

Hotel Software Easy Reservations and Offline Bookings

Easy Reservations and Offline Bookings

Both online and offline bookings can be managed using the cloud-based hotel management software on a real-time basis irrespective of where you get them from.

Hotel Software Credit Card Verification

Credit Card Verification

The credit card details of the guest visited the hotel is automatically varied and hence reduces your last minute and eliminates the chances of payment cancelation.

Hotel Software - Travel Agents Management

Travel Agents Management

It plays a dominating role in advancing your trip agents’ sales, and their corresponding commission system correctly.

Hotel Restaurants software - User Roles and Privileges

User Roles and Privileges

Our hotel management software solutions enable you to locate the data and operations using the rights on the basis of the conditions and criteria that user satisfies.

Hotel Management Software Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping Management

The hotel management software that we have created streamlines your housekeeping processes, which assists you to reveal extraordinary experience to your clients.

erp Software

Quick arrivals, departures

Our hotel management software offers quick check-ins and check-outs for both singles and group reservations without any nuisances.

Are you Interested in Our hotel management Software UAE (IQHMS)?

If you are interested in integrating our hotel management software into your business and looking for a demo or a trial version of hotel booking software, then feel free to contact our representative.
We strive to keep the resources optimal and prices as low as possible by omitting the need for presenting training to the team or maintenance staff. Stay active with the hotel status, the time of guest check-in and check-out, choosing the room, your preference to choose a table, payment, billing, and much more conveniences. Improve your hotel management practices with our solutions.
IQHMS is created and designed explicitly for hotel administrators to maintain a broad range of tasks in an efficient and productive approach. It includes easy to use hotel reservation system software, hotel property management software, hotel billing software, hotel reception software, hotel check-in software, hotel front desk software, and online hotel booking software, etc.

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