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Cloud Based Sales Management Software in UAE

Sales management software is crafted to assist companies to consolidate their sales schemes and tasks, springing with leads and quotations and prompting to conversions, simultaneously with statements and quality assessment. IQSales can accumulate requisite sales info in a small period, and you don’t have to use hours performing the same task manually on a spreadsheet. You can also measure important variables such as win-loss ratio, conversion rates, and lead time. Lead management sales software can provide you with a comprehensive view of your sales team’s practice on various products, locations, services, and clients. This solution can stimulate the tracking of your sales workflow to assist you to accomplish your targets quicker.

Key Features of IQSales – Software for Sales Management

Sales management software uae reporting


Ideally, your fresh online sales administrator should be allowed to produce robust and accurate reports, based on database details and imported information rather than manual listings. Easy but efficient, records should be based on essential performance pointers, and manage data in a detailed approach namely charts, graphs, pies, etc.

Sales management software Dubai Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Venerable sales administrators are ordinarily planned with imminent analysis sequences, practiced to improve sales productivity and make intelligent data tapping solutions. At the corresponding time, these peculiarities permit firms to obtain and track trends.

Sales management software email integration

Email integration

The online software for managing sales tool has to be blended with accompanying email services to allow companies to trace and control leads, and to support their matter. Unnecessary to say, email integration is a precious root of database matter which can be utilized for inscribing on a later phase.

Collaboration with Sales management software


Concurrently with sales performance administration, sales management software must allow sales collaboration, specifically to outline private channels for representatives to access data and to share viewpoints.

Contact Lead Management software

Contact/ Lead Management

Some sales administrators make, and some don’t volunteer contact and lead management, but in case you yet have suspicions about it we suggest you pick the sales contact management software that certainly does. Complete client profiles and client satisfaction can be nothing else than recipient for your sales management operation.

Pricing Optimization in Sales management software uae

Pricing Optimization

It refers to incorporating price strategy and price management to formulate a single root of pricing accuracy, and adjust separate services/products to it. The approach pushes sales and perimeters to grow and promotes endorsement and workflow administration.

What Advantages Does IQ software for Managing Sales Offer

Boosts Repeat Selling

The software for managing sales should offer data on existing clients that you can utilize to generate selling possibilities. For example, detail on a specific client’s purchasing patterns can exhibit what products they are engaged in. You can let your current customers aware of when you release a new product. This can work as marketing for the product. In brief, the sales management system software should support you benefit on existing clients to expand repeat sales as well as client redemption and satisfaction.

Reduced Implementation and Training Time

Utmost sales advertising systems are easy to manage and have an automatic interface that can be employed simply also by non-savvy practitioners and trainees. No training is even required, and maintenance & implementation times are least since most sales lead management software systems are cloud or SaaS-based.

performance feedback with sales management software uae

Gives feedback on sales team performance:

The sales lead management software should support you to estimate the achievement of your sales team. It should present data such as lead contact time, average job finish time, and the rate of conversion. This will assist you to recognize top performers whom you can appraise, and stragglers, to whom you can give extra guidance.

Promotes Social Media Marketing

The sales management software should encourage you to expand your marketing endeavors on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, Reddit, Quora, Medium, etc. You can follow social media campaigns, recognize the networks that are transferring the most visitors to your site, learn the overall client experience, gauge client sentiment about your brand. You can put up with trends and make modifications to your advertising endeavors to enhance your brand’s value on the internet.

Allows You Reach to Technical Support

The merchants offer 24/7 support services via live chat, phone, and email to assist you with the on-boarding operation and to resolve any technical concerns that may appear. This can protect you a bunch of struggle as you shift towards utilizing the software to enhance your sales approaches.

Sales Pipeline Management software enables live feedback

Since the scorecard metrics are refreshed in real time basis, sales reps obtain constant feedback on achievement. Scorecards support practitioners as they navigate through sales managing software. Pacing algorithms estimate whether sales reps are sluggish pace, on route or forward and which exercises will take them to their aims. When sales reps log activity in the IQSales, the scorecard automatically refreshes.

Customized & Industry Specific Sales Manufacturing Software in UAE

The software need of different industries varies on the basis of the work they deal with, and the amount of traffic, lead generation and conversions. For over a decade we are working in the industry and have satisfied the diverse business need of global enterprises. We have a ready to deliver lead management sales software for the clients who need it urgently. No matter what is the nature of their business, our extensive range of software systems are sufficient enough to satisfy all their basic to advanced sales management needs.
If you want customized sales management software that is particularly developed as per your specific business needs, then we will be glad to help you out. We have a great team of professional analysts, programmers, and developers to make you available with highly customized sales management software for small business as well as the medium size and large enterprises.
We deeply look into every business procession and as per their unique business, sales piping and conversion management needs we create custom code, and that code will not be again used for any other client. This maintains the integrity of your software and the code that we program is highly transparent and independent. Our professionals are always available to assist you round the clock. In future, if you need to make any updates in the functionality and features of the software, you can feel free to reach us, or you can do that by your end also just because of the independent and transparency of the code.

Are you interested in our Software for Sales Management (IQSales)?

Are you fed up of manually managing all your sales records and lead generation? You must be looking for a breakthrough that can automate all your sales pipeline management. IQ Sales management software is a perfect solution to automate all your manual tasks from Reporting, sales collaboration, Predictive Analytics, Pricing Optimization, Email integration, Contact/ Lead Management, etc.

These days, most prosperous firms that are breeding revenue and exercising better name identification are employing sales lead management software to maintain their sales rotation. To be assured, the approach of sales management software has transformed the aspect of sales pipeline management forever; with smart workflows, automation, and far-reaching analysis aptitudes, it’s now simpler than ever to manage a successful, and powerful, sales unit. and powerful, sales unit.

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