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Managing and maintaining your tailoring & embroidery shop is now a piece of cake with our tailor shop software IQStitch that is made to serve the modern age tailors who are keen to adopt an efficient system to enhance their business. We have developed an easy-to-operate and fully customized system for professional tailors. Our software for tailoring business covers all the activities of your shop to enhance the efficiency of your tailoring business.
Tailor management software offers powerful inventory options that allow you to add or find the items that you sell. Moreover, you may set different categories and define purchase and sale price for all the items. Our software has multiple payments options and it is also compatible with multiple currencies. Furthermore, IQStitch lets you make details sells and analytical reports with all the required options.
In brief, IQStitch is a perfect solution for meeting all the needs of your tailoring business.
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Complete Tailoring Management Solution With Remarkable Features

Impressive Features

In our powerful embroidery shop solution, we have offered magnificent features to satisfy your customers

Efficient Accounting:

You do not need to be trained in accounting to handle our accounting module. With our software, you may define and manage personalized account charts for your tailoring shop. Our VAT enabled accounting options to let you manage daily journal entries and transactions, bills, Receivables & Payables, and financial reports.

Smart Billing:

Our solution provides a features-rich billing system with single or multiple register options and multiple payment methods. Every bill printed by the software is VAT enabled. When you use our tailoring software, it would be very convenient to track the payment by the customers in case you need to manage pending payments.

Tailoring Management module:

With our tailor shop management solution, you can manage one or more shops to keep the records of your respected customers. The records you may keep include measurements, name, phone numbers, work in progress or finished task, cloths details etc. You can use all these records to search the customers or to check the current status of the cloth wise orders you may track the current status of the order to print and stick the status on the cloth according to categories like work in progress or finished.

POS Dashboard:

With our Touch screen dashboard, it is extremely comfortable to define all the items with sale price tags. All items can be managed by making different categories and later you can add more items or search the existing items easily. Our POS is barcode enabled.


I am using IQStitch because it is easy to operate and have a lot of inbuilt features. Above all, it is affordable.


IQStitch is a complete package for my shop and I do not need any additional tool for managing my business. Besides the tailoring work, I sell clothes and stitching items and IQStitch helps me handle all the tasks effectively.


IQStitch is amazing! I recommend it for all the tailoring shops.


I was in need of a complete solution for my tailoring shop. Now, I am using IQStitch and I am pleased to use such an effective tool for my business.


I compared several tailoring solutions and selected IQStitch because it has all the features that I need to maintain my shop.

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Why IQStitch?

  • Meeting most of the needs of the tailoring business
  • Feature rich tailoring solution
  • Efficient customer management
  • Powerful inventory options
  • Error-free billing system
  • Barcode Enabled software
  • Manage multiple shops
  • VAT enabled accounting
  • Easily maintained daily transactions
  • Comprehensive reports

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