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Cloud Based HR Management Software In Dubai UAE

IQHRMS turns wearisome HR jobs into a few simple clicks. You shouldn’t require a rocket specialist to trace HR records! IQ Human Resource Management System is so easy, anyone can manage it. All your information and documents are in a single section; reporting is a breeze, representative self-service saves you both time and energy, also now you have time to concentrate on people, not paper.

HR management software assists in enhancing business performance and efficiency by automating workforce, compliance, payroll, recruitment, and management processes. It consolidates all these components in a convenient position, making all representative data an available to all associated staff.

HR software solutions have turned out to be an essential asset in nearly every corporate background. Even small, medium, and large organizations are letting go of the thought that HR management systems are the expensive, lavish extensions they don’t actually need, as the long-term accumulation of leveraging HR automation protects much behind the border of what they’d waste to produce a product.
There is no concerted description of HR tracking software that could incorporate all exceptional perspectives of this mechanization, but by default, it unites all workforce management and recruitment systems utilized to enhance business productivity. The goal of HR and payroll system software is to consolidate various administration and human resource processes in a centralized place,

from where the administrator can also allocate tasks, evaluate and monitor progress, and compensate the best executants in the company. Fundamentally, HR system software brings you a step onward in enhancing decision making and seems so on a lite, contentious cost.

How does HR management software functionality work? Notwithstanding of the HR products platform being among the most assorted software aspects, almost all HRMS packages come down to a determined assortment of management aims. They ordinarily cover:

  • A recruitment module practiced to develop and administer vacancy notifications
  • An apparent assign-and-schedule appliance for a 360-degree survey on your workforce
  • A dedicated core for evaluating and preselecting candidates
  • An arrangement of evaluation and monitoring tools that come especially helpful in big and remote units.

Benefits that can be accessed using our HR Management Software (IQHRMS)

hr software uae employee database

Digitized Employee Database

The primary purpose of Human Resource Management software is to digitally collectively put all representative data that can be efficiently maintained and recovered at the time of requirement. This advances the overall productivity of the organization by extirpating the need for preserving countless files with comprehensive workforce details. Additionally, the software is administered by strong security systems that guarantee all the information is unconditionally protected.

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Headache-Free Workforce Management

With robust IQ HR and Payroll management software, there is no requirement for managing dull spreadsheets and allotting assignments to the representatives through emails. Our easy payroll software assists in implementing all essential operations on a particular platform including allotting of work assignments, evaluating employee performance, reviewing progress, and even compensating them.

HR Management Software dubai

Performance Management

The IQ payroll system software enables the HR managers to control and monitor each employee's performance and achieve a sheer spectacle of their intensities and powerful abilities. This administration is beneficial in offering specialized training to representatives, giving bonuses, reviewing appraisals as well as enhancing the overall potency of the organization.

best hr software in uae with payroll system

Payroll System

The IQ HR Tracking software comes with a computerized payroll system that depreciates the requirement for outsourcing payroll to any service provider outside the organization. The payroll system can directly be associated with the employee data, time, and business payroll software. This assists in precisely determining employee wages and other advantages by eliminating all the chances of delusion.

hr management software uae

Employee Self-Help Portals

Employee Self-Help Portals enable your representatives by enabling them to reach and control their private data and retain it well-upgraded, for example, any variation in marital status, the address, etc. This considerably streamlines interaction and preserves the HR manager’s vast amount of efforts and time for other essential operations.

human resource management software dubai

Recruiting Systems

The IQ HR management system software efficiently handles a broad range of application forms and encourages the managers in determining the most assuring talent. Correlating the system to the database of employees can later assist in promptly transforming the data from the application form within a file of the employee without any trouble.

Customized & Industry Specific Project Management Software in Dubai UAE

In the whole of our service journey, we have supported thousands of clients across the world with our highly productive, reliable, and feature-rich Human Resource management software. We have a ready to deliver HR software for small business as well as mid-size and large enterprises. We are entirely

prepared to provide you the software solution on an immediate basis. Or if you have patience, we have a great team of highly professional and talented deliver to deliver you highly customized HR management software to suit your specific business needs in an exclusive approach.

No matter in which division you are working, the management headaches are frequent in every business when the organizational operations are organized in a manual approach. We know better than you about what is running in the market and what is exactly needed for your organization to boost its productivity and efficiency. Our team of professionals by analyze whole your business processes and operational stability in a deep-rooted approach to craft a perfectly suited and highly stable business solution to process your business management in a smooth and headache free path.

Our team will help you in deciding upon the nature of payroll and HR management software you need for your industry and have planned the accurate record of features and characteristics that will be involved; it’s time to move on to the development process that we imply in our HRMS software solution. It is essential to strictly observe the development process to be assured that all the given phases are a well-taken charge of

  • Concept
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Wire-framing & Outlining
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Maintenance

Are you Interested in Our Project Management Software (IQProject)?

Are you fed up of manually taking care of employee spreadsheets and it has become a headache for you to timely manage them and operate on them? IQHRMS could be a perfect solution for you to get relief from all these management headaches. Using IQ human resource management system, you can automate all your tasks and operations that are included in the daily functionality of your organization such as Employee timesheet management, performance management, recruiting system management, assets management, payroll management, etc. All these tasks can be managed on a few simple clicks using IQHRMS.

We are pleased to know your interest in our HR and payroll processing software. You can streamline a broad range of tasks after eliminating the needs of manually taking care of your administrative operations. A broad range of tasks can be digitalized using our cloud HR management software system, let’s have a look at some of these:

  • System Administration & User Roles: Handle workflows, approved users and process whole organization and functionalities with comfort
  • Performance Management: Track your employee’s real-time performance and suggests you the immediate actions to improve it./li>
  • Time/ Leave off Management: Formulate and maintain multiple sorts of vacation and timing related concerns across your company.
  • Recruitment Process: Smoothens the hiring cycle and management process with our on-boarding and recruitment module.
  • Time & Attendance Management: Track time usage for tasks and representatives’ work productivity via our compliant time module.
  • Personal Information Management (PIM): Perfectly organizing your HR data, assembling all your representative data, no matter where you are positioned on the globe.
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