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Instagram Marketing Agency / Advertising Service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE

IQMinds is an Instagram marketing agency in UAE that helps businesses to build their brand on Instagram to meet business goals like lead generation, Instagram engagement, or brand awareness, We match all marketing objectives with the right ad campaign that meets your goals and budget.

instagram marketing agency

Why Choose Instagram Marketing for Your Business?

Instagram has over 800 million active users that businesses can target. Millions of Insta users scroll their feed every minute. Instagram is considered the world’s most popular platform for businesses and marketers because it attracts a large audience. According to the research, more than 60% of customers discover new brands on Instagram and over 75% of people are likely to take action after checking out a specific post. As compared to the other social networking platforms, Instagram has the highest customer engagement rates.

Around 1/3rd of Instagram users have used this social networking platform to purchase products online. The figures suggest the importance of Instagram for businesses. If you manage to target your audience on Instagram, you can expect a major boost in your sales, website traffic, and conversions.

Type Of Instagram Advertising To Target Different Business Goals

As a social media platform with engaging audience, Facebook advertisement complement the advertising industry

Instagram offers a wide range of advertising tools that brands can leverage to reach out to their target audience and impress their visitors. Here are the types of advertisements Instagram allows.

  • Instagram Photo Ads

The most common and obvious type of Instagram ads is photos where you can add a photo that indicates your brand or service by targeting the exact audience that looking for something like your brand and service.

  • Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads allow brands to create 30-60 seconds of video that can appear in user’s story or feed. Depending on the type of services the company offers, marketers either create full-fledged video ads or upload a teaser to the real ad. Video ads are highly likely to receive a lot of views on Instagram brands can triple the number of views within minutes if they follow the right technique.

  • Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads involve multiple images that are shared in one go and through a single post. The users have to swipe right to check multiple posts. For example, if you sell shoes, you can use carousel ads to display five different color shoes of the same brand. Customers will have to swipe to check different color options.

Carousel ads are a better option than single post since you get plenty of space to organize your content than cluttering everything on a single post.

  • Instagram Story Ads

More than 80% of the active Instagram users post at least 2-3 stories every week. Story ad feature is a great promotional tool that targets the Insta audience. Instagram has introduced a “Swipe Up” feature which allows people to swipe up the page and check the official website of the brand. Brands can either re-direct their audience to their website or mobile app.

instagram advertising agency

Why You Need IQminds Instagram Marketing Agency?

The main reason why people should consider hiring an experienced Instagram advertising agency is that they can handle your ad campaigns effectively. The professional Instagram marketing team of IQMinds is well-versed with Insta advertisement tools. We not only create perfect advertisements for your brand but ensure that the campaign is managed properly. The goal of our Instagram marketing agency is to drive significant traffic to your ad and boost your brand’s sales.

Once the ad campaign is launched, our experts use Instagram insights and metrics to determine the progress of the ad and use their experience to get the best ROI.

instagram marketing
Instagram marketing

Prime components of IQminds Instagram Marketing Agency

  • Ad creation & design
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Ad Submission
  • Ad Monitoring
  • Analytics, conversion and ROI reports

Hire Exceptional Instagram Marketing Agency in Dubai UAE

Hire the expert team of IQMinds Instagram marketing agency to leverage the best Instagram advertisement. Let us help you build the right Instagram ads campaign that full fill all your business goals.

Key Features of IQMinds Instagram Marketing Team

We have a team of the professionals

Flexible hiring plans for hiring a dedicated Instagram marketing expert

You communicate with your hired expert directly

Guaranteed service with a reasonable cost


Get higher brand exposure on Instagram with the help of professional Instagram marketing agency.

Instagram is the most reliable platform for brands that want to connect with a large audience. It offers video ads, photo ads, carousel ads, and story ads tool for brand promotion. If you are interested in Insta advertisement, give us a call or send a message to hire us.
Choose us and make a great decision!

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