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IQminds is a snapchat marketing agency based in Dubai UAE that helps UAE brands and business to reach a qualified audience through snapchat advertising to generate leads. Snapchat provides the best advertising option to target your best audience through lactation , category and other advertising options like Sponsored Lens, Sponsored Geo-filter and Snap Ad.

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Why Choose Snapchat for Business Marketing

Snapchat is one of the most famous social media networking sites these days that is especially popular among Millennials. This platform has become so popular that companies in UAE find 41% of their target audience through Snapchat. The adults between 18 and 34 years have an account on Snapchat.

By the end of 2013, this snapchat had approximately 5 million users’. The figure jumped to 150 million within 4 years. Thus, the Snapchat marketing agency can leverage this platform to reach out to a vast audience in the easiest possible way That said, Snapchat makes a perfect platform for companies who want to advertise their brand online and reach their target audience that only stays on snap chat.

Snapchat Advertising Features

As a social media platform with storytelling, Snapchat marketing complement the advertising industry

Snapchat for marketers and businesses is separated into three options: Snap Ads, Sponsored Geo Filters and Sponsored Lenses.

1. Snap Ad

Snap Ad refers to the vertically created videos that can be played for 10 seconds. These videos can be seen on Snap’s original shows, publisher stories, and “Our stories”. Snap Ads can display certain attachments, Which allow people to swipe up to read Article, Web view, App Install, Long-form video you can use anyone out of these four attachments.

2. Sponsored Geo-filter

These are the illustrated covers the user’s place on top of their pictures and videos that they share with the other snap users through private messages or upload the same on stories. The geo-filters can be purchased straight from the Snapchat sales team. The filter allows Snapchat advertisers to have their ads displayed to a large number of snap users. In fact, you can reach up to 60% of your audience through Geo filters.

3. Sponsored Lens

If you have ever used Snapchat, you might have seen the lens that appear on your face or the background. These stickers can be activated by raising your eyebrows, opening your mouth, and pouting. The Snapchat marketing agency can help you get one of those filter for your brand with sponsored lens advertising features.

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Why You Need IQminds Snapchat Marketing Agency?

Even though launching a snapchat ad campaign might seem quite easy, you should consider hiring an expert Snapchat advertising agency that is familiar with the platform and can make the best strategy and kind of add to choose for your brand. The best part about Snapchat marketing agency is we have professionals in this realm. Not only we have knowledge but we can provide you with a complete insight into developing a perfect ad and launching it. Being an experienced snapchat marketing agency we know the right technique to not only build your branded advertisement but to launch it on the app. In addition, we make sure the overall design of the ad is good. According to the client’s objectives.

Once the ad campaign is launched, our experts use Snapchat insights and metrics to determine the progress of the ad and use their knowledge of running ad campaigns to get the best ROI.

Snapchat Advertising Agency
snapchat marketing agency dubai

Prime components of Snapchat Ad Targeting

  • Using SnapChat Data:
  • Location
  • Device
  • Snap Lifestyle Categories

Let us help you gain instant success

Hire our experienced snapchat advertising professionals and be assured of being a step ahead of your competitors. Running an improved ad campaign is totally possible with our well-designed advertisements and experts help. We assist you in running your marketing campaign in such a way that you achieve maximum ROI along with higher conversation rate.

Key features of IQminds Snapchat Marketing team

We have a team of the professionals

Flexible hiring plans for hiring a dedicated Snapchat expert

You communicate with your hired expert directly

Guaranteed service with a reasonable cost


Receive more leads with our advanced Snapchat marketing techniques

Snapchat is an advanced idea to concentrate on a specific audience, place or market to increase the intensity of the marketing campaigns. Thus, if you are interested to run an effective snapchat advertising campaign, let us know by sending a message or making a call.
Choose us and make a great decision!

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