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Project Description

Website :-

IQMinds Technology help companies to get business from search engines. We have done a project which is an online food ordering website and helped them to grow their business. We provided high quality content, High quality link building and then analyzed results and adjust accordingly. Our expertise helped them to get good quality leads.

By understanding, ranking is not the goal, but selling is. We do not follow traditional search marketing, but provides the most effective search engine optimization services. We provided the services to Chowking to establish their brand name and dominate the competition. We helped chowking to get the highest rank by providing the following services-

  1. Complete Organic Search Management
  2. Goal Specific and Measurable Campaigns
  3. Social Media Integrated Solutions
  4. 100% safe, ethical and effective methods

Our Goal

We provided effective strategy to the Chowking to optimize their website for search engines. We targeted to make Chowking website on higher rankings by combining elements of on-page optimization and off-page optimization strategies.

SEO Strategies Features

Website Analysis – We gathered all the In-depth information about the size of the website in pages and analyze the website thoroughly, compared the website to its competitors and in the meantime, we started planning SEO strategies, keyword research and determined how to optimize meta tags

Technical Planning – Technical planning is done to ensure if the client’s website meets the technical standards and search engines are effectively fetching the website content. A wide variety of tools are used to test the performance of Chowking.

On Page Optimization – Chowking’s content. Keywords, H1 and H2 tags are tested to rank the website. Analysis of internal link structure and revision of duplicate content is performed to ensure high content quality.

Off Page Optimization – This process includes the submission of website to major directories. We performed high quality link building for Chowking to improve traffic for the website.

IQMinds Technology provided the best service to the Chowking to get high ranking on search engine and made a report of link building efforts, directory submission efforts. We helped Chowking to be on top ranking on search engines.

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