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A safe environment for your workplace is our first priority

IQminds has spent a successful period of time in offering high-quality security and safety products and it has been serving the national and international market with innovative and powerful solutions. IQminds builds security solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and educational areas. The team of IQminds has developed a full range of safety systems like CCTV, Fire alarm, Access Control System, Time Attendance etc.

Our safety products ensure perfect safety for sensitive areas and are capable of serving small organizations as well as large projects like railway stations and airports.

From installation of the product to providing continuing support, our professionals provide you the best security systems since we understand the importance of the effectiveness of the security systems in a sensitive place.

Our Premier Security Solutions


IQminds provide a wide range of CCTV systems including IP cameras, Wireless IP cameras, C-mount cameras, Bullet cameras, High definition HD cameras etc. Our professionals always try to make a difference when they install, monitor or repair the CCTV system of commercial or residential areas since they know they can hardly deviate from the main aim of providing high-quality security services.

The CCTV system designed by us is absolutely safe and each component of the system ensures High standards and quality. The CCTV cameras are equipped with some essential features like recording, picture quality, Web access, adjustability, night or low-light vision, visibility of the camera etc.


Access Control System:

IQminds offers Access Control Systems for highly sensitive areas as a high level of security. Using our Access Control Systems, our satisfied clients are able to manage a single or multiple areas that need constant safety and protection.

Our advanced Access Control System uses biometric or proximity systems to make the security levels extremely safe. The installation of these systems is easy and it provides maximum safety, making our systems popular worldwide.

With our solutions, it is easy to track or restrict the access to highly sensitive areas and ensure a safe and secured working environment. Our single door or multi-door Access Control Systems are equipped with every feature to meet all the requirements of the clients.

Time Attendance System:

Time Attendance System is another essential component of a security system as we know it well to offer our clients a powerful Time Attendance System. Our system all the major areas that are related to the time attendance process like overtime, shift, leaves, late / Early entry management etc.

IQminds offers multiple versions of Time Attendance systems like single user, multi-user, web-based versions and moreover, we can make a customized solution according to the demand of the customers.

We make simple or complex Time Attendance Systems in which you can manage multiple companies or multiple locations, branches or departments in a single company. Adding, deleting, or modifying the employees is easy with all the personal details like contact details, photographs, outdoor entry, working hours with overtime, tour entry etc.

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