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Attractive Modules of ERP software

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Attractive Modules of ERP software

ERP software companies in Dubai are providing great opportunities to their clients.  One such opportunity is to use ERP solutions in Dubai rather than using multiple solutions for every task. ERP is popular because of the use of a single database for different modules, such as supply chain management, manufacturing, Human resource, projects, sales, and marketing etc. without an ERP system, all the organizations have to use a separate customized computer system. As an example, human resource and sale and marketing would have their own system. However, ERP software companies have resolved the difficulties in integrating data from different computer systems. ERP software Dubai is useful for large organizations where reduction of the computer system is required due to the complexity of data handling.

ERP software companies build powerful ERP solutions having many capabilities but businesses have to choose ideal ERP software according to functions of the tool and requirements of the company. Companies are adding more and more modules to their ERP solutions some of which are given below:

Inventory Module:

Every company wants to have the latest information about inventory items. Tracking the different categories of items with current locations is convenient with the assistance of the ERP inventory module.

Production module:

This module includes production planning, use of raw material, production process, and production reporting.

Supply Chain Management:

As the name suggests, this module ensures a smooth process of the flow of demand and supply between manufacturers and consumers. This module includes information regarding manufacturer, Stockiest, distributors, and retailers.

Project management:

This is a separate ERP module to handle project development tasks to select and deliver the best projects. With the help of this module, the companies can improve the overall performance of the project and are not failed to estimate the total cost.


Manufacturing module of an ERP system reduces the cost with the help of an effective inventory system. Furthermore, the manufacturing module increases the speed of the production process.

Financial management:

A clear financial picture is the prime requirement of the companies as they cannot ignore the errors in the financial reports. Today’s ERP systems offer powerful financial module. With the help of ERP solution, companies can meet all the accounting and banking requirements with accurate financial reporting. Moreover, the financial module is helpful in lowering cost and improving cash flow.

Sales Management:

ERP sales module helps the companies to handle sales inquiries, orders, invoices, and quotations. This module is designed to improve sales performance

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer relationship management is designed for marketing professionals and salespersons to integrate sufficient data to meet the requirements of the customers efficiently.

Human Resource Management:

Advanced ERP module covers all the core areas of human resource management. With the inclusion of payroll and employee administration, this module ensures efficient management of workforce with the help of time schedules, attendance, employee performance, and recruitment.

In the end, ERP solutions companies are willing to make flexible ERP solutions Dubai to make sure that the software can meet personalized requirements of the clients. You can call the support executives of IQminds to make an affordable deal.

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