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Factors to consider while choosing an ERP software

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Factors to consider while choosing an ERP software

Are you going to buy the best ERP software in Dubai for your company? If yes, do not be impatient because a lot of factors are involved in the successful purchase of ERP business software. Every ERP software company makes some claims but you have to consider your requirements before you make the deal final.

If you do not spend some time in understanding the ERP system of a particular company, it is possible you purchase an unwanted ERP system that is not suitable for your small or large business. Therefore, you must think about some important criteria so that, you do not face any disappointing situation in the future.

Goals of the company:

An ERP solution for small business would not fit in the requirements of a large company. Every company has its structure and goals. some companies want to increase their size or efficiency while other companies would like to satisfy their customers. Therefore, the requirements of the company may be different according to the upcoming goals of the company.

Features of the software:

Almost all the companies have some similar departments like sale and marketing but it does not mean all the functions of two companies are going to be the same. Thus, before making a deal, the company has to observe day by day operations of the company. After reviewing all the critical areas of the company, looking at the features of the software can be the next step.

The technology used to build an ERP system:

This is also an important factor. Technology is changing constantly and if the underlying technology of the software is not advanced, you have to update or replace the system that would be a costly deal. Rather than, changing the technology in the future, choosing the advanced technology is a wise approach.

Budget and costing:

Before you purchase the best ERP software in Dubai, you must consider your budget and the costs of the available ERP solutions. A system that fits in your budget and satisfied all your needs would be the best choice for you.


All business owners never ignore their competitors. You have to keep track of what your competitors are doing. If they are using advanced technology, you cannot wait for long and have to adopt something better.

Implementation time:

How many hours you and your team needs to be familiar with the new system. This is also a considerable factor.

Industry specialization:

Not all the industry have the same king and level of challenges. Therefore, you need to an ERP provider who is an expert in making the software for the industry you are active in.

Support and assistance:

Support policies of the ERP software development company should be considered because you need to interact with their team at several stages of installation, implantation, and training.

If you want an ideal ERP business software having all the features suitable for your industry and nature of the business, IQminds can fulfill all your requirements. Make a call if you are interested.

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